Franchise Opportunities

Enrolment numbers more than doubled in 2020 and increased by 32% the following year in 2021, peaking at 189 million (worldwide) new students enrolling in online courses-  World Economic Forum

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Growth in Online Learning

At the country level, the US topped the standings with more than 17 million people enrolling in online learning.

The World Economic Forum’s Reskilling Revolution initiative aims to provide one billion people with better education, work skills, and employment opportunities by 2030.

According to recent data, global eLearning is on pace to hit $325 billion by 2025.- Influencer Marketing Hub

Franchise Benefits

  •  We create the course and fill it with quality content that’s worth it for students to enroll

  • We provide Marketing and Leads

  • LMS is built and set up in 3 weeks or less

  • No need to hire staff or faculty

  • Start-up (LLC, Licensing)

  • Support Services

  • Low Start-up Costs

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