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If your organization is committed to developing workforce capacity and quality competencies, partner with Vincent Career Training Institute to achieve your goals and improve outcomes. Along with a communicative employer, a sense of fun, and challenging work, employees today routinely say they want a job that provides them a chance to learn and grow. Strong training programs also aid in recruitment Considering that it costs a company 2.5 times the employee's annual salary to find a replacement, it makes economic sense to keep good employees by spending generously toward their continued education. We align with our organization to:

  • Empower new and future professionals

  • Prepare frontline staff to deliver quality

  • Provide training and upskilling activities based on prioritized competencies

​We provide affordability for quality training and create employee training incentives with our partner organizations.  We provide wholesale rates to our partner organizations by allowing employees to take many of our courses, certifications, and continuing education programs at little and sometimes no cost to the employer or employee.  

Customized LMS

Our learning management system tracks all of your training in one place. From assigning and enrolling courses to tracking and reporting course completions, our training platform can save you valuable time and training costs.

New Hire Training & Orientation

Start by providing your staff with the necessary tools to succeed in their roles. We take the specific forms and documents and turn them into an engaging orientation and staff development program for new staff.

Customized Content

We can convert your content to an easy-to-navigate online course or we can create custom content based on your mission, goals based on performance, and regulatory compliance.

Applicant Assessments

Screen applicants for minimum qualifications and desired characteristics. Assess competency and leadership capabilities for new managers or staff promotions. 

What Our Clients Say

Angela Smith, RN Director of Clinical Services

As an operations specialist, it was great to know the team behind developing our content were industry-specific experts. The content was relevant, interactive and customized to align with our organization's goals and mission. Turnover decreased and employee engagement increased.